Our Vision

To provide honest and unmatched migration consultation service and to be client’s first choice when considering to move overseas. HeadWest aims to come across as a solution provider par excellence to realize your overseas dreams.

Our Raison d'etre

Immigration has always been an area with low trust values. Immigration is inundated with cases of unethical practices and unfulfilled promises often frustrating clients who wait endlessly for their visas without the right representative and end up getting duped and losing their hard earned money.

With this as a background, HeadWest was conceptualized to provide honest and professional advice to people looking to migrate overseas.

HeadWest team welcomes you, it’s where your overseas dreams come true. Being a Migrant means a world full of dreams, where you conceive a future for your family especially your kids. It’s about creating opportunities, gaining life experiences and saving up for your future. This journey is also about social and emotional adjustments, living by the foreign land rules and lots and lots of learnings along the way. At the end, however, it is extremely satisfying to make your mark in your adopted land and feels like an amazing life achievement achieved with a never say die spirit and support of your loved ones.

HeadWest aims to facilitate at every step on the way so that decisions you take are right ones to keep you on track with your dreams.

Our Core Team

Vikas Puri
Founder and Director

Vikas, Founder and Director , HeadWestMigration, is himself a Migrant turned Australian Citizen helping budding migrants to make the right decisions towards their overseas journey. Vikas is a Corporate Professional with 20 years of work experience with distinguished companies like Bausch & Lomb India, HclInfosystems Ltd, Satyam Infoway and Carrick Institute of Education (Melbourne, Australia). He is an ideal Mentor for your migration journey with local Australian experience and migration consultant with knowledge of the Australian and Canadian immigration system

Mazdiar Patel
Strategic Panel Member

Mazdiar Patel is an accomplished Migration Lawyer and been a MARA registered Lawyer in Australia. With his rich legal experience in Migration industry Mazdiar brings forward strong Australian and Canadian Immigration knowledge putting our clients on the right track. Again being an Australian citizen helps and can actually augment your migration journey from his on-shore personal experience and solid technical knowledge.

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