As of August 2014 essentially ward kids more energetic than 19 can be related with your visa application, aside from youngsters with certain issues such as mental debilitations and medical issues, who have no age limit. Earlier youngsters up to the age of 22 could be included.

A reliant kid is characterized as any kid younger than 19 who doesn’t have a spouse or a partner, or any offspring of all ages who is monetarily subject to you (or your spouse) because of a physical or mental incapacity or medical issue.

If you or your life partner’s dependent youngsters have children of their own, these kids can likewise be included in your visa application.


You might not be able support your parents or grandparents if any of the accompanying conditions apply:

  • You didn’t maintain the monetary help conditions for one more relative you supported previously.
  • You have defaulted at any point ever on a court support order, for example, a child support request.
  • Have at any point gotten benefits/monetary help from the Canadian government (except help for an disability)
  • Have at any point been indicted for a violent or sexual offense, or any offense against a family member.
  • Have at any point missed installments, made late installments, or defaulted on a migration loan.
  • You are at present in jail.
  • You are at present announced bankrupt.

Individuals whose occupation isn’t recorded above may in any case have the option to move to Canada through the BC PNP under one of the numerous classes overseen under that program.

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