Australia Permanent Residency Visa

Commonly IELTS and PTE are the two most preferred tests for the Purpose of testing language proficiency.

It entirely depends on the skill area under which you are applying but it would be beneficial to have minimum 5 years to gain minimum experience points.

Minimum Diploma level is eligible to apply, However Bachelor and Masters degree carry same points weightage.

10 Points accrue if the skills are from same list ie, Both applicants should be a part of either the Medium to Long term list / Short term skill occupation list.

Under the recently introduced system, Partner can also accrue 5 Points for the Competent IELTS Level of 6 each.

Close blood relatives like brother, sister, aunt, uncle can sponsor. However there are limited skills which may be approved for Family sponsorship. Please contact HeadWest team to know your eligibility.

Spouse and kids under the age of 18 years are included under Family application. If kids are over 18 years they can be considered till 23 years if proven financially dependent on parents and if they are over 23 years they should be having some disability.

Canada Permanent Residency Visa

67 Points under FSW Visa and CRS ranking out of 1200 Points

IELTS general is applicable for PR Visa filing with and CLB 9 level is most sought after with 7778 score (8 in listening, 7 each in Speaking/Reading/Writing).

For good CRS score 3 plus years experience is ideal.

Minimum Diploma level is eligible to apply, However Masters degree or Phd carry extra points and can be the main difference for getting an ITA (Invitation To Apply).

Partner can get 5 extra points on FSW Points for English proficiency and also contribute on CRS profiling through overall profile

Spouse and kids under the age of 18 years are included under Family application.

Close blood relatives like brother, sister, aunt, uncle can sponsor. It can add 15 Points on the CRS tally.

Germany Study Visa​

  • Can you get me admission in my preferred list of University programs? Before enrolment, can I get list of University programs where you would be applying? Sure if your profile is matching admission criteria of your preferred University programs. We will definitely apply in your preferred programs to help you get admission. Each of 15,000 program in Germany has different admission criteria. For short listing few programs out of 15000 programs that match your profile with admission criteria of University. Our research team requires 10-15 days for short listing which is only possible after enrolment.
  • How easy/difficult is to learn German
  • Knowledge of English is a huge advantage while learning German. Even students from China, Korea, Japan and Arabic countries, whose entire education has been in their local language, are able to study successfully in Germany in German language.
  • Indians have a huge advantage as they have a sufficient level in English. This is a big support for the German language learning. Indian with their local heritage and the English oriented schooling career, are easily able to pursue higher education programs in Germany in German language.s
  • In technical programs language is hardly used. Thus it really does not make a difference whether you study in German or English
  • When Indian students can learn English at the age of 5. They can easily learn German at the age of 17 to 21.
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