1. Refunds Policy – as enumerated in the Refunds Page

2. Visa Filing* : limited liability service We are a Visa Assistance and Support Service, our work is limited to assisting you with the paperwork guidance and helping you follow all processes and maximizing the success chances.

3. We provide Service Quotes at the start of the service and fair to assume if you have paid, you agree on the quote shared. No revision will be done on the service charge if the service has been initiated.

4. If you have accepted our Initial quote and made a deposit and if there is a pending payment you need to clear it within the stated timeline. Fair to assume your work has been initiated and we will not accept any excuses to delay the pending payment. Non-Interest in the service later will not be grounds for any refunds as our team has started work on your case and our admin charges starts to apply.

5. As a consultant our role is to give you best possible advice, stream line your application process and improve chances of success for your case. This we can only do if you have been fair with us and have explained your case in detail without having to hide any important information. We are as good as you want us to be.

6. As consultants we are dependent on you for providing the required information in form of filled up application forms, motivations letters, job documents, education documents, Statement of purpose, Visa forms within reasonable time so that we have enough time and opportunity to present your case.

7. All the documents must reach us within the required time as the Visa process is time bound and submitting documents within required time is mandatory for evaluation.

8. Visa processing time is as per the relevant Visa Office and we are dependent on the time estimates provided further.

9. Professional Visa Process*- We work as an visa assistance service; assess your chances of success, suggest you all required documents with thorough verification and improve your chances of success.

10. Qualified Legal Advice*- We provide you with a professional assessment for your profile and through our team of lawyers assist you in your application. However please note we are not under the panel of MARA and ICCRC and work to support Client application through our thorough knowledge and experience of the Laws of these countries.

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