Canada Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon

Canada Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon

Canada Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon: Canada is one of the world's leading G-7 nations and second-largest economy, with a population of 30 million. It has a well-drafted points-based immigration system. Canada PR Visa is applied through Express Entry and is a pathway to Canadian Citizenship. Ontario PNP and British Columbia PNP are two prominent Province programs at the forefront of the Canadian Immigration system. Vancouver and Toronto feature in most liveable cities in the world. Canada is a developed economy with excellent working conditions, decent infrastructure, high living standards and best network of medical services.


Canada PR Visa Consultants: Canada has voted the best place to stay on the trot for five years. Currently, being led by the Liberal Government headed by its charismatic leader Mr. Justin Trudeau. Canada adopted the Express Entry Visa system in January 2015 and establishes two-tier selection criteria to pick the right applicant which can solve its labour gap. Two selection criteria are FSW (Federal skilled Worker) 67 Points criteria and correlate with CRS (Comprehensive ranking system) 1200 available points. Canada has made an elaborative plan to draft in 1 million plus immigrants till 2023 having the target of 4.5 lakhs for the year 2022. Best Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon

Benefits of Canada

Full Working Privileges Permanent Residency (Canada PR Visa) Visa entitles full working rights to holders. One can work in any job for any company.
But civil service or military research is exclusively restricted to Canadian residents. However, they cannot enter labour unions and demand workers’ compensation.
Migrate with Family PR Visa holders are eligible to migrate to Canada with Family.

as a Canadian permanent resident, you are allowed to stay permanently in Canada. Initially, however, the permanent residency visa is given for five years and is valid either from outside Australia or from within the country.

as a Canadian permanent resident and Australian Visa holder, you are eligible for social security benefits through Social Security, such as family tax and childcare subsidies. Unlike most other social security programs, two years are required before one is eligible to receive social security benefits such as disability, unemployment, and student compensation provided by Canada’s Social Security Department.

Coverage A significant advantage for Canadian Visa holders (permanent residents) is healthcare eligibility. Being Canada’s permanent resident, you are eligible for the government-run health insurance program. A health card is provided that entitles the card holder to seek free treatment at a public hospital, consult with local general practitioners, and purchase subsidized medication.

You are eligible to Apply for Canadian Citizenship. 1095 days out of total 5 years is the minimum eligibility stay criteria. Kids of Australian permanent residents born in Australia are considered Australian citizens. It is a huge advantage because they eventually reap the greatest advantages of Australian education and healthcare from day one.

Education subsidy is available to PR visa holders under various provincial schemes. School tuition is heavily subsidized almost free, domestic fees apply for degree services

Permanent residents may also sponsor their relatives. However, this is only possible if the applicant meets the pre-requisites of residency and assistance.

once you are a Canadian permanent resident, your credit rating increases tremendously. You would be best positioned to accept most loans, including but not limited to home loans, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc.

We are the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon having done with 1000+ successful visas over the last 8 years. Our team for Canada Immigration Service at HeadWest assesses each individual case in a very personalized manner and run it past all the immigration law requirements whether it is the Education Credentials (ECA) requirements with relevant assessing body like WES and creating your profile in the Express Entry, Filing Provincial nomination with Ontario (OINP) or British Columbia (BCPNP) to get the result for the Clients.
We make available all resources at our disposal for the client so that the Client has a smooth ride through in their Canada Immigration. We take care to file all documents very carefully and hence avoid any hassles which could have otherwise made the case complicated.

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