Europe Study Visa

Education Overview

Europe has some of the most renowned and oldest universities offering multiple course options to students from around the world. Lifestyle, living costs and language vary across multiple cities. International students choose courses and universities in Europe owing to its affordability in terms of cost of living and tuition fees. Many universities across Europe may give admission basis the medium of instruction (MOI letter) in lieu of IELTS English proficiency test.


Lithuania education framework comprises of Undergraduate, Graduate and postgraduate options. Lithuania universities have course options in English which the


Finnish Education is one of the most structured and advanced education system in the world. Universities in Finland offer more than 400 courses (both bachelor level and Masters Level).


Italian education system offers an array of programs through its 61 Public Universities, 11 public research organizations and 30 private institutions. Universities in Italy offers


Many international students choose to study in France. The application process to a University in France is fairly uncomplicated and you need to just choose the right course out of


Netherlands or more commonly called Holland education system offers English taught Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. More than a lac students choose courses


Ireland offers one of the most advanced course curriculum throughout Europe. The courses are delivered in English language. There is a list of most advanced Ireland offers one of the most advanced


Cyprus offers its multicultural environment to international students to make their careers by enrolling in courses of their choices delivered in English language.


Spain is much more than the epicenter of Football. It has 74 universities offering affordable course options to more than 85000 students every year making


Denmark education is designed to deliver education which is recognized world over. Universities in Denmark offer nearly 600 courses delivered in English Language.

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